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What Elder Care Services Are Popular in the U.S.?

Sure, it’s hard watching your parents age. It’s harder when they struggle with the tasks they need to do each day. As activities of daily living become too hard to manage, you and your parents may worry that they cannot live alone. They can with the right support.

Elder care services enable seniors to live independently in the home they’re in. There’s no need to move. Here are some of the most popular elder care services in the U.S.

Elder Care Needham MA - What Elder Care Services Are Popular in the U.S.?

Elder Care Needham MA – What Elder Care Services Are Popular in the U.S.?

Help With Housework

Some household chores are exhausting. Weekly laundry is one that seniors often struggle to manage. A heavy laundry basket or hamper is tough to carry up and down a staircase. If your parents are in a home where the washer and dryer are in the basement, they have to get up and down the stairs without falling as both hands will be occupied. There’s no hand left to hold onto a rail.

Vacuuming is another issue. On main floors, it’s not so bad. To vacuum stairs or other floors, it requires a trip up and down stairs with a bulky appliance. If the vacuum hose isn’t long enough, your parent will have to balance while using one hand to sweep and one hand to hold the vacuum.

Some areas require people to get down on their hands and knees in order to complete cleaning tasks. Cleaning the back of an oven or the bottom of a bathtub or shower are examples. If your parent has a hard time kneeling or bending over, these chores are impossible to manage.

Caregivers can help with household chores. You can hire elder care aides to wash linens, bedding, and clothing. Caregivers can also fold the items and put them away when they’re clean and dry. Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and mopping are also services offered by elder care aides.

Help With Personal Care

How well does your parent do brushing and flossing his or her teeth? Arthritis can make this impossible. Caregivers can help your parent reach all of the teeth in the back.

Showering is another problem some seniors have when they live alone. Getting in and out of a tub or shower requires balance, and some simply don’t have the same abilities as they once did. Caregivers can lend a supportive arm while your mom or dad steps over a tub wall or walks from a wet shower floor onto tiles or linoleum.

Other elder care services help with personal care. Aides can help your parent get dressed, brush and style hair, and clean up after using the toilet.

It’s not hard to get started. Call our elder care agency and talk about your mom and dad. Ask about caregivers and the services they provide in your area. You’ll find there are dozens of services that make sure your parents maintain their independence without having to struggle. Talk to an adviser today.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Elder Care Services in Needham MA, or anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts, please call the caring staff at CARE Resolutions – (508) 906-5572.

Erica Tomasello, CEO

Erica Tomasello, has a background in Education and Clinical Psychology. She has worked with her mother for years, developing Care Resolutions into a premiere agency. Erica, and in turn, the agency's staff, continue to expand their knowledge with the ever growing development of understanding the aging process and geriatric disease. We are a member with Home Care Association of America and NFIB. We are also affiliated with NASW, National Association of Professional and Executive Women, Alzheimer's Partnership, Alzheimer's Association of Mass, MA Council for Home Care Aides.