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How Can You Determine What Sorts of Safety Modifications Are Necessary for Your Senior?

Keeping your elderly family member safe in her own home might mean making some big and small changes. Aging in place can be a complicated topic, especially if your elderly family member needs more than just a little bit of help.

Elderly Care Norwood MA - How Can You Determine What Sorts of Safety Modifications Are Necessary for Your Senior?

Elderly Care Norwood MA – How Can You Determine What Sorts of Safety Modifications Are Necessary for Your Senior?

Ask about Her Neighborhood

Talk with your elderly family member about her neighborhood and how she feels living there now. Neighborhoods can change a lot over periods of time and if your senior has lived in the same home for a few decades, she may feel differently about her neighborhood now than she did a few years ago. It’s possible that moving can help her to feel more secure.

Check Her Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Alarms, specifically smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, can be life-saving for your elderly family member. Make sure that you test them regularly and change out the batteries every other month. Another option to consider is getting a full-home alarm system that uses built-in devices to monitor smoke, carbon monoxide, and other issues.

Consider a Personal Alarm System

In addition to a home alarm system, your aging adult might be interested in a personal alarm system. These have come a long way since their introduction years ago and often have technology built in that detects when your senior has fallen. Some even work in conjunction with a full-home alarm system.

Look for Home Maintenance Issues

As your elderly family member ages, some home maintenance tasks manage to fall by the wayside. Look for anything that needs doing that hasn’t gotten done. If you’re not able to do the work yourself, look for someone who can handle that task. You might even have friends or other family members who are able to take care of it for your senior.

Hire Elderly Care Providers

Some of the modifications that you might need to make could include handling certain tasks, such as cleaning or cooking, for her. Hiring elderly care providers can help you to get everything handled. They can often help your senior with other specific tasks as well, such as grooming, dressing, or other personal care tasks.

Depending on your senior’s needs and health conditions, there may be other safety modifications for you to consider. Start making a list so that you can address each of them as soon as you’re able to do so. Keeping a list helps to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

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