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Vitamin Supplements and Seniors

Family caregivers are responsible for the health and wellness of their elderly relatives. Besides making sure they are clean, safe and entertained, family caregivers also need to make sure their aging loved one’s diet and nutrition are adequate. One of the best ways for seniors to stay healthy is to eat a balanced diet. However, many caregivers wonder if elderly adults might benefit from vitamin supplements.

Elderly Care Westwood MA - Vitamin Supplements and Seniors

Elderly Care Westwood MA – Vitamin Supplements and Seniors

Seniors and Nutrition

There are very few adults that get all the vitamins and nutrients they need from their daily diet. Ideally, seniors would eat properly every day and have no need of supplements. The truth is that elderly adults often experience a reduced appetite with age and take in fewer calories than they once did.

In other cases, seniors may have a more difficult time eating, whether from physical difficulties like partial paralysis or dentures or food allergies or something else. Despite a family member or elderly care assistant’s best efforts to create and serve healthy meals, the elderly person may simply not be able to consume adequate nutrition. The bottom line is that most elderly adults don’t get adequate nutrition from their meals and could benefit from a vitamin supplement.

Seniors May Benefit from Multivitamins

The need for a multivitamin may actually increase with age, and an elderly adult should always check with their doctor before beginning any supplements. The reason why multivitamins are such a good idea for elderly adults is because they may be suffering from deficiencies that can trigger some serious health issues. Most doctors agree that elderly adults can supplement their daily diet with a well-rounded multivitamin.

Here’s a list of just a few common vitamins and nutrients that may benefit elderly adults:

  • Vitamin A – best for boosting vision
  • Vitamin B4 – contributes to red blood cell production
  • Vitamin B12 – builds a healthy nervous system
  • Vitamin C – contributes to the immune system and in healing wounds
  • Vitamin D – ideal for calcium absorption
  • Vitamin E – prevents lasting cell damage
  • Vitamin K – contributes to strong bones and to proper blood clotting
  • Calcium – builds stronger teeth and bones
  • Iodine – helps the body’s thyroid functions
  • Iron – contributes to red blood cell production
  • Potassium – regulates proper functioning of the heart, kidney, muscles, and nerves
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – designed to aid in blood clotting and healthy cell division

Vitamins should never replace an elderly person’s efforts to enjoy a healthy diet and proper nutrition from fresh food. However, family caregivers and elderly care aides can provide multivitamins to fill in the gaps when it comes to overall health and wellness for aging adults.

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