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What Are Some of the Future Concerns Regarding Family Caregivers?

Right now, providing the care your mom and dad need makes sense. It’s an affordable choice. It’s the one that makes your parents the happiest. Have you stopped and thought about how being a family caregiver may affect your whole family?

Home Care Norwood MA - What Are Some of the Future Concerns Regarding Family Caregivers?

Home Care Norwood MA – What Are Some of the Future Concerns Regarding Family Caregivers?

Do You Balance Your Career and Caregiving or Quit Your Job?

To be a family caregiver, are you going to quit your job or try to balance work and the care your parents need? If you’re quitting a job, what happens years or decades from now? Will you have enough money saved up for your own retirement?

Another concern is health insurance. If you quit a job, are you going to give up having health insurance? What happens if you need medical care?

Can You Handle the Stress?

People don’t often think of the amount of stress that comes from family caregiving. Are you prepared to handle that stress? If your parent has a chronic health condition like Alzheimer’s or is recovering from a stroke, your emotions are going to be challenged every day.

There will be days your mom or dad is frustrated and takes that frustration out on you. You’ll get insulted, yelled at, and even physically affected as you’re pushed away, hit, kicked, or bitten. Can you handle the stress that comes with that unexpected abuse? That stress will impact your emotional and physical health over time if you don’t know how to manage it.

Who Are You Ignoring in the Process?

For years, you’re spending every weekend going to your parents to cook and clean. During the workweek, you’re at work. When you are at home, you’re tired and want time to yourself. Are you still finding time for friends, children, and your partner or spouse?

It’s easy to focus so much on your parents that you’re ignoring the needs of your children. Make sure they’re a priority. Before you know it, they’ll be grown and out of the house and you’ll look back with regret.

You also need to work on self-care. If you’re always giving your time and energy to others, you’ll lose yourself in the process.

When possible, make home care work for your family. It doesn’t have to be a service you arrange each day, but you do need home care aides to come in and take over so that you’re not neglecting your self-care. Learn more about our home care providers by making a call.

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