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Six Diabetes Complications Your Senior Needs to Know About

Dealing with diabetes is bad enough. But if your senior’s blood sugar is out of control for too long due to her battle with diabetes, she may experience some other health issues that are painful and have difficult complications.

Home Care Services Medfield MA - Six Diabetes Complications Your Senior Needs to Know About

Home Care Services Medfield MA – Six Diabetes Complications Your Senior Needs to Know About

Cardiovascular Issues

People with uncontrolled diabetes are more likely to experience problems with their cardiovascular system. That means that they’re more likely to have heart disease, high blood pressure, and they’re at greater risk for having a stroke. Keeping blood sugar levels under better control can reduce these risks.

Kidney Problems

The kidneys also take a beating when your senior has blood sugar issues. Your elderly family member’s kidneys aren’t able to keep up with filtering waste out of her body and they may even start to shut down. This can be painful and difficult to manage, especially if she has other health issues.


Neuropathy is a very common problem for people with uncontrolled diabetes. Neuropathy is nerve damage, especially in the small blood vessels in your senior’s legs and feet. Some people describe neuropathy as tingling, burning, or even numbness. Over time it can become much more pronounced and can spread throughout the body.

Foot Issues

A frequent problem for many people after neuropathy becomes an issue are problems with feet in particular. Your senior may not have any feeling in her feet anymore and this can cause massive problems. If she isn’t aware of injuries or wounds, they can become severe very quickly.

Skin Injuries and Problems

People with diabetes are more susceptible to other skin issues, too, like bacterial and fungal infections. It’s important to talk to your senior’s doctor if you’re noticing anything different about her skin. Treating these infections quickly is the best way to handle them.

Eye Problems

Diabetes affects the eyes in several different ways. First, it can affect how well the eye itself is able to change shape and adjust to pressure that builds up. It also affects how well blood vessels function in and around the eye. If either of these situations are becoming a problem, your senior may start to lose her vision. Talk with her eye doctor about what you should watch for in terms of vision problems.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but some of these complications are among the most severe complications. If your elderly family member is still having trouble remembering to check her blood sugar, consider hiring home care services providers who can remind her about testing her glucose levels, eating, and doing other things she needs to do to manage her diabetes effectively.

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