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What Do You Need to Consider When it Comes to Your Senior’s Housing?

At some point, your aging family member may find that her home no longer meets her needs. even if she’s lived there for many years, having someplace that does meet her needs can help her to live her best life. She’ll need your help to determine where to move and what sort of situation will meet her needs the most.

Home Care Services Sharon MA - What Do You Need to Consider When it Comes to Your Senior's Housing?

Home Care Services Sharon MA – What Do You Need to Consider When it Comes to Your Senior’s Housing?

Her Physical Needs at Home

As your senior grows older, she may have difficulty going up and down stairs or she may need more space for a wheelchair or walker. Your elderly family member may also need a larger bathroom so that she can maneuver safely. All of these features and more can all play a part in where she lives.

Location and Accessibility to Necessary Services

If your aging adult doesn’t have easy access to services that she needs and uses regularly, then running errands and even performing simple tasks can become incredibly difficult. Going to the pharmacy might become a task that she dreads because it’s not convenient for her to get there. Having help from you and other family members can help, but accessibility is ultimately an important feature.

Home and Lawn Maintenance

Taking care of a lawn, a garden, and a house can take up a lot of time and energy for your aging adult. The space may come to be too much for your aging adult to manage on her own. Even with home care services providers and other family members to offer assistance, sometimes downsizing is just the right answer.

Accessibility to You and to Other Family Members

It may also be time for you or other family members to be much closer to your aging adult. This can save you time when you want to drop by and visit with your senior. It’s also much more convenient when she needs someone to be with her quickly. Whether it’s time for her to actually move in with you or not, you may be able to find a solution that meets all of her other needs that is also geographically closer to you.

In the end, you’ll need to look at the full picture to determine which choice is right for your aging adult.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services in Sharon MA, or anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts, please call the caring staff at CARE Resolutions – (508) 906-5572.

Erica Tomasello, CEO

Erica Tomasello, has a background in Education and Clinical Psychology. She has worked with her mother for years, developing Care Resolutions into a premiere agency. Erica, and in turn, the agency's staff, continue to expand their knowledge with the ever growing development of understanding the aging process and geriatric disease. We are a member with Home Care Association of America and NFIB. We are also affiliated with NASW, National Association of Professional and Executive Women, Alzheimer's Partnership, Alzheimer's Association of Mass, MA Council for Home Care Aides.