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How Do Life Transitions Impact Elders?

Elder Care Cambridge MA-The main goals for family caregivers who want to provide excellent elderly care for a loved one include being there for the ups and downs of life. Elderly people face significant life transitions that can impact them physically and mentally.

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Is Your Senior Caring for His/Her Dentures Properly?

Caregiver Westwood MA-Improper denture care can increase the risk of irritation in the mouth, infections, and other difficulties. As their family caregiver, it is important that you not only detect if your parent is not properly caring for their dentures, but also encourage them to take the steps to improve this routine.

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When an Elderly Relative Refuses Care

Home Care Services Newton MA-When an elderly relative refuses care, family caregivers may experience worry, frustration, stress and even anger. It is one of the most common situations that family caregivers face as their aging relative experiences increasing impairment.

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Prevent Food Poisoning in Aging Adults

Elderly Care Wellesley MA-While food poisoning may cause you to suffer some gastrointestinal distress for a few days, it can be a very serious health issue for elderly adults. Because age weakens the immune system anyhow, seniors often can’t fight off infections from organisms that cause food poisoning.

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