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Helping Your Senior Cope with Vision Loss

Vision loss can be incredibly scary and your senior might worry that her life is changing forever for the worse. She is definitely going to lose some of the abilities that she had in the past, but there are ways to compensate.

You can help her to cope with the changes she’s experiencing.

Senior Care Sharon MA - Helping Your Senior Cope with Vision Loss

Senior Care Sharon MA – Helping Your Senior Cope with Vision Loss

Lighting Can Still Be the Best Tool for Her

If your senior’s vision is only starting to fade, then improving her lighting options can help more than you realize. Bump up the quality and the quantity of lighting in her home. She may be able to see contrasts a little easier with better lighting and that might be a huge improvement for her. If her vision is failing rapidly, lighting might not be enough, though.

Get in the Habit of Mentioning When You Enter and Leave a Room

You might not think about it, but depending on how damaged your senior’s vision is, she might not realize you’re not in the room any longer. It can be shocking for her to have you suddenly speak to her when she didn’t know you were there, too. Get in the habit of audibly announcing your arrival and departure. This might feel weird at first, but it really can help your senior.

Look for Assistive Devices that Can Help

When you’ve never been around people with vision loss, you don’t necessarily realize how many different assistive devices there are for people with limited vision. Large print books and magazines are just the start. Appliances and phones with larger buttons or distinctive features that your senior can read with her hands can all help. Do a little research to find these things because they can help your senior to maintain her independence.

Let People Know What’s Happening

It’s also important to let other family members, friends, and other people who interact with your senior know what’s going on. When they understand that her vision is fading, that can help them to be a little more helpful to your senior. You need to make sure that you respect your senior’s privacy, of course, when you’re doing this.

Vision loss may be harder for your senior to manage than you expect. There’s a lot of emotional impact that can be surprising for you. Senior care providers can make this adjustment so much easier for your aging family member. They know the challenges she faces and they can help her to maintain her independence.

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