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Are You Holding Regular Family Meetings to Discuss Your Mom and Dad?

How often does your family gather to discuss your parents’ care needs? It’s important that you hold family meetings at least a few times a year. During those meetings, you should discuss these questions. Make sure you involve your parents and get plenty of input from them.

What Activities and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Are Mom and Dad Struggling to Complete?

Senior Care Westwood MA - Are You Holding Regular Family Meetings to Discuss Your Mom and Dad?

Senior Care Westwood MA – Are You Holding Regular Family Meetings to Discuss Your Mom and Dad?

Activities of daily living are the things your parents need to do in order to function independently. It includes using the toilet, bathing, walking, getting in and out of bed or off a chair or sofa, and feeding oneself.

Instrumental activities of daily living aren’t essential to basic function, but they are important to living independently. They include things like cleaning the home, doing laundry, cooking a meal, socializing, running errands, taking medications, and paying bills.

When those tasks become difficult for a senior citizen to manage, it’s important to arrange help. Keep track of what your parent is and isn’t able do independently.

Has Anyone Noticed New Problems Arising?

It’s equally important to monitor any changes in your parents’ abilities. If they reach a point where they can no longer drive to the store, shopping for groceries or getting to and from appointments will need the help of a licensed driver.

If you find your parent is no longer eating more than fruit yogurt and breakfast cereal throughout the day, meal preparation services become an issue. As abilities change, you have to note the new problems and adjust care as needed.

Is Everyone Happy With the Amount of Time They Spend Helping Your Parents?

Not only will your parents find their needs change, but your siblings, friends, and other family members may find their schedules change. Discuss the tasks and time that others are spending and make sure it’s still working well.

Say your brother is the one taking care of all the shoveling and home maintenance. He just received a promotion and will need to work one day every other weekend. He may not have the same amount of time to devote to care. He’ll need to adjust his caregiving duties to prevent from burning out.

Is the Current Care Plan Still Working Well?

Have an honest discussion to see if the care plan being followed is still working. If it’s not, call a senior care agency and talk about professional caregivers. It’s best to bring in senior care professionals before family caregivers are burning out. You don’t want stress to negatively affect relationships and overall health. Call our senior care agency to arrange services.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Senior Care Services in Westwood MA, or anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts, please call the caring staff at CARE Resolutions – (508) 906-5572.

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