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Tips for Healthy Aging: Coping Well with Change

Change is an inevitable part of aging, and of life. Resisting change can lead to stress, poor mental health and even physical complications. One of the most important things seniors can do as they get older is to maintain positive mental health. Keeping a positive outlook can make a big difference in a senior’s emotional and physical health.

Elder Care Newton MA - Tips for Healthy Aging: Coping Well with Change
Elder Care Newton MA – Tips for Healthy Aging: Coping Well with Change

The serenity prayer, penned by American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, perfectly sums up healthy coping with change:

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Look for the Bright Side and Focus on What You’re Grateful For

There are both good and bad sides to every situation. It can be easy to be overcome by the negatives and overlook the positives, and humans often take the good for granted until it’s gone. By making a conscious effort to focus on finding the blessings or the bright side in any situation, seniors may find that they have a lot more energy, and feel much better both mentally and physically.

Acknowledge and Appropriately Express your Feelings

Focusing on gratitude doesn’t mean denying sadness, grief or other negative feelings. Expressing feelings appropriately is an important part of staying healthy and aging well. Talking to a counselor, a trusted friend or family member can be a big help. Other seniors find that writing poetry, keeping a journal or writing their memoirs can be very therapeutic.

Keep a Healthy Sense of Humor

It is important to keep laughing and playing even as aging sets in. A sense of humor helps you keep a healthy perspective. It reduces stress and helps tremendously when times get tough.

Get Out in Nature

Spending time outdoors in nature, soaking in some sunshine and staying active are known to contribute to mental wellness and healthy coping.

Accept What you Can’t Change

Part of aging well is realizing what is out of your control. Accepting things the way they are is an important way to release energy tied up in resisting, or resenting, reality.

Take Action and Deal Head on with Adversity

As seniors encounter more difficulties, it can be tempting to ignore problems or give up activities that are more challenging than they used to be. However, it’s extremely important for self-confidence and mental health to stay engaged in social and meaningful activities.

Whether it’s keeping up with a favorite hobby, volunteering for an important cause, learning a new skill or taking an interesting class, getting involved and stimulating the mind are two important ways to keep healthy and well.

Reach out for Help

One common way that seniors reach out for help to stay engaged or to accomplish difficult tasks is to enlist the services of an elder care agency. Elder care agencies pair professional elder care aides with older adults who need assistance with things that aren’t as easy as they used to be. This includes a wide array of activities such as:

  • Transportation to appointments or activities
  • Help with cooking, laundry or light housework
  • Help with personal care
  • Getting outside or going for walks
  • Companionship

Essentially, elder care agencies seek to help each individual with whatever it is they need on a completely customized schedule. Seniors who are finding it more difficult to stay engaged in important activities should reach out to our elder care agency to discuss how they can help.

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