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5 Podcasts for Family Caregivers

Today’s family caregivers have more access to information than ever before. Not only is there a huge amount of information concerning medical conditions available on the Internet, there are also a multitude of resources available for learning more about being a caregiver. One source of information family caregivers may not be aware of is podcasts. There are podcasts on every subject you can think of, including caregiving.

Below are 5 podcasts that can enhance the lives of caregivers and add to their body of knowledge.

#1: Caregiver SOS

Caregiver Walpole MA - 5 Podcasts for Family Caregivers

Caregiver Walpole MA – 5 Podcasts for Family Caregivers

Caregiver SOS offers expert information about a variety of issues affecting caregivers. The information presented on the show comes from two experts, Dr. James Huysman, PsyD and gerontologist Carol Zernial. It is presented by the WellMed Charitable Foundation. During the hour-long podcast, the host and experts cover topics like communicating about end-of-life issues, living arrangements, and being a long-distance caregiver.

#2: Let’s Talk Dementia

The host of this show is Carol Howell, an author and caregiver to her mother. She talks about many of the common issues that impact caregiver of seniors with dementia, including the challenging behaviors caused by dementia. Listeners can also send in their own questions concerning caregiving.

#3: Healing Ties From the Bow Tie Guy

Despite its snappy and cheerful name, this podcast deals with the serious topic of what happens after caregiving ends. Host Chris MacLellan, nicknamed the Bow Tie Guy, helps listeners to move on after caregiving and develop healthy, happy lives. The information and advice he dispenses is rooted in his own experience as well as a background in social work, senior care, and ministry.

#4: Agewyz

The goal of Agewyz is to help caregivers to feel less alone. The host, Jana Panarites, talks about all kinds of challenges related to caregiving, such as health issues and stereotypes associated with aging. Guests often appear on the show to share their own expertise on caregiving topics. In addition, Panarites also brings on guests to share their personal experiences with caregiving.

#5: Transition Aging Parents

Dale Carter’s show is dedicated to the unique challenges of helping parents as they get older. Carter interviews people who have expertise in things like Alzheimer’s disease, estate issues, home care, and communication. Some shows also cover special topics, like navigating VA benefits and medication management.

One of the advantages of podcasts is that they are quite portable since caregivers can listen to them on their smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Many platforms allow users to download podcasts, so they can be listened to even when an Internet connection is not available. Caregivers can listen to them while waiting in the doctor’s office with their older family member, when driving in the car, or while doing dishes or cleaning the house.

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