How Companion Care at Home Helps Encourage Your Mom’s Goals

Encouragement involves giving someone the confidence and support they need to do something. Where could your mom use encouragement? For many older adults, independence is important, but it has to be balanced with safety and self-confidence. Your mom lives alone, and her confidence isn’t at the level it should be. On National Day of Encouragement, it’s an ideal time to talk about your mom’s goals of aging at home. Make sure she knows you encourage her goals and want to make sure she embraces her independence as much as possible, even if it means giving her a helping hand. It’s a great time to talk about the benefits of companion care at home.

She Doesn’t Have to Feel Alone

Companion Care at Home Walpole MA - How Companion Care at Home Helps Encourage Your Mom's Goals
Companion Care at Home Walpole MA – How Companion Care at Home Helps Encourage Your Mom’s Goals

Living alone can be stressful. Your mom’s health changed, which makes her nervous about being alone if she has an emergency. She lost some of her confidence after her car accident. She doesn’t feel safe driving her car, so she stopped leaving her house. You have to consider what it will take for her to feel safe.

You can get her a medic alert system. But, she may feel more confident if she has a person with her. How much time can you spend helping her with daily activities? How many hours would she want someone with her each day?

Look for the times when your mom would want someone to be around. It could be when taking her prescription medications. She worries about being alone when the side effects kick in. She might be comforted having a caregiver helping her carry the laundry downstairs.

Her Circle of Friends Widens with Companion Care at Home

With regular caregiver visits, your mom gains friends. She’ll gain companionship, but she also has the chance to go out to museums, restaurants, and city nature trails with her aides. The socialization benefits her physical and emotional health.

As your mom starts to feel like she’s important to others, her confidence grows. She’ll want to spend time with her caregiver, try new hobbies together, and explore area attractions. Companion care at home encourages her to make friends and try new activities.

How do you arrange companion care at home? It’s easier than you might imagine. Call our home care agency and ask to talk to an expert in senior care services. Discuss the difficulties your mom has and her goals for aging at home. As you learn more about companion care at home, you’ll be able to schedule the services that meet her needs.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Companion Care at Home Services in Walpole MA, or anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts, please call the caring staff at CARE Resolutions – (508) 906-5572.

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