Where Can I Take My Elderly Parent on an Outing?

Often, aging parents with diminishing abilities must rely on family members and elderly care providers to help them with basic daily tasks. As a family caregiver, you look out for your elderly mom or dad by taking care of their needs, and perhaps even hire an elderly care provider when you can’t be there. As good as they have it at home, however, seniors still need to go on frequent outings.

Elderly Care Medfield MA - Where Can I Take My Elderly Parent on an Outing?

Elderly Care Medfield MA – Where Can I Take My Elderly Parent on an Outing?

If you are considerate of your aging parent’s physical and mental needs, you know that they need to have frequent outings to prevent them from becoming lonely and isolated. It can be tricky to think of appropriate places to go where your elderly parent will be engaged, entertained and active. If you and the elderly care provider plan activities regularly, your elderly parent will certainly appreciate it.

Performing Arts Venues

Few activities are more enjoyable than attending a performance of some kind. From community theater and local symphonies to music festivals and church choirs, there are many kinds of performing arts venues that an elderly parent would enjoy. Some communities even offer free concerts in the park during warmer months.

Sporting Events

If your elderly parent is a sports fan, you can indulge their passion for competition by attending local sporting events. Amateur city leagues, semi-pro and professional teams are always looking for more fans, and seniors often enjoy sitting with the crow and cheering on the home team. Youth sports can be just as interesting, especially the local high school teams.

Local Tourist Attractions

The elderly care provider can help your parent be a tourist in their own town. Consider attending the local museums, historic sites, state parks, scenic drives, celebrations and festivals. Think about what makes your city so attractive to outsiders and take advantage of it. Often, people ignore what’s right next to them because it seems familiar, but those can be some of the best venues for seniors who want a change of scenery.

Attend Classes and Workshops

If your aging parent is interested in starting a new hobby or renewing their skills in something, consider signing them up for community classes. From painting and cooking to computers or learning a new language, there are dozens of classes that cater to students of all ages. Also consider gatherings like book clubs, sewing circles, board game clubs and similar meetups.

Around the Town

Outings don’t have to be extra special to make a difference in your aging mom or dad’s week. Sometimes the simple things are the best. For example, if your elderly mom likes crafts, spend some time at the craft store looking at projects and getting inspiration. If your aging father loves to be out in nature, go fishing or birdwatching. A stroll through a botanical garden or city park can be delightful for people of all ages.

When you or the elderly care provider are willing to make outings a priority for your aging parent, you’ll find that their physical and mental health will improve as they become more active and get involved in their community.

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