How Elderly Care Providers Can Help Reduce Boredom

Let’s face it, no one likes to be bored. Not only does boredom make life less enjoyable, it can also lead to health problems. Some health problems that may be linked to boredom are obesity, depression, and pain. For seniors who live alone or are housebound, boredom can be a real problem. But, did you know that hiring an elderly care provider can reduce or eliminate boredom in your senior family member’s life?

Elderly Care Sharon MA - How Elderly Care Providers Can Help Reduce Boredom

Elderly Care Sharon MA – How Elderly Care Providers Can Help Reduce Boredom

Here are a few ways an elderly care provider can help reduce boredom.

Taking Older Adults on Outings

Being stuck in the house doesn’t do much for a person’s state of mind. Just getting out of the house from time to time could help improve a senior’s quality of life. However, going on outings can be difficult or even possible for some seniors. An elderly care provider can take an older adult on outings that they find stimulating. They could accompany seniors to museums, the zoo, a shopping mall, or just to go out for lunch.

Playing Games

There’s nothing like a friendly competition between friends to break up the tedium of a day. Elderly care providers can play board or card games with seniors. They can also work on jigsaw puzzles or assist with a crossword puzzle. If watching game shows is more the senior’s style than playing games, an elderly care provider can watch a game show with them, perhaps competing to see who can answer questions first.

Going for Walks

Going for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood can brighten an older adult’s day, but they may be uncomfortable going on their own due to physical or cognitive impairment. An elderly care provider can walk with them, providing both safety and companionship.

Cooking and Eating Together

People who live alone sometimes don’t eat as well as they should because cooking and eating become a chore instead of a pleasure. Elderly care providers can liven up the task by cooking with them. If the senior doesn’t like to eat alone, an elderly care provider can sit with them to provide company while they eat.

Making Crafts

Many seniors enjoy making crafts to pass the time. They might give them as gifts or donate them to charities. Unfortunately, sometimes crafting gets difficult because of changes in manual dexterity or cognitive ability. An elderly care provider can help with the parts of a craft that are difficult or make crafts with the older adult to make the time more fun.


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