How Home Care Can Help Older Adults Stay Safe

Your parents want to stay in their home, but you worry about their safety. They have a lot of stairs, but they’re not as steady on their feet as they used to be. A chronic health condition may require your parents to pay attention to daily meals and medications. When you worry about their safety, it’s important to discuss those concerns with them. Here are the different ways home care aides can help.

Home Care Aides Keep Them From Chatting With Strangers

Home Care Dover MA - How Home Care Can Help Older Adults Stay Safe
Home Care Dover MA – How Home Care Can Help Older Adults Stay Safe

When your parents are lonely, they’re more likely to talk to a stranger to get even a few minutes of socialization. That makes them more likely to answer a phone call from a random number. It increases the risk of them falling for a scam.

Hire home care aides for companionship visits. Your parents have someone to talk to, helping them stay engaged and entertained.

Offers Medication Assistance

Home care aides can help your parents keep track of when they last took a medication. If your mom is taking a pill that’s meant to be taken with a meal, the caregiver can make sure that your mom eats first. If your dad’s medications have to be taken on an empty stomach, the caregiver can remind him to take the pill as soon as he gets up.

Prevents Wandering

When your mom or dad has dementia, wandering is one of the possible symptoms. With caregivers available to monitor your parent’s activities, it keeps your parent from going for a walk and forgetting how to get back home.

Provides a Safe Ride

When your parents no longer drive, they may feel trapped at home. But, they cannot drive without risking themselves or other drivers. If they have a caregiver available, they’ll have rides to stores, area attractions, and businesses. Their caregiver can escort them to dental and medical appointments and bring them back home.

Takes Over Meal Preparation

Between 2014 and 2018, almost half of kitchen fire deaths were among those over the age of 55. The risk is five times higher after the age of 84. When your parents have caregivers cooking their meals and snacks for them, it lowers the risk of a kitchen fire.

Home care is one of the best ways to help your parents remain independent without risking safety. Caregivers come as often as your parents need, so your parents don’t have to spend all day, every day with their home care aide. Call to schedule services.


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