Getting Outside With Limited Mobility

Seniors have a variety of mental and physical barriers when it comes to stepping outdoors. A brief journey might drain a loved one’s vitality, depending on their abilities. If you are caring for someone who has mobility challenges, even walking outside might be intimidating. This is when hiring personal care at home providers can greatly benefit your loved one who wishes to age in place.

Encouraging your loved one to get outside can be a challenge, but there are some very good health advantages. Individuals who spend time outdoors regularly have a lower risk of developing several health conditions, such as chronic pain or sleep loss, and are more likely to remain active than those who stay inside.

How To Encourage Seniors To Get Outside

Personal Care at Home Medfield MA - Getting Outside With Limited Mobility

Personal Care at Home Medfield MA – Getting Outside With Limited Mobility

If your loved one is reluctant to go outdoors, begin slowly and gently persuade them. Seniors have several alternatives to spend time outside without traveling far or exerting themselves excessively. Utilize these suggestions to assist a loved one in reestablishing a yearning for fresh air and potentially easing into more frequent trips.

Sit By a Window

Encourage them to read the newspaper or sip tea while sitting by an open window in the mornings or evenings. They may be encouraged to spend more time outdoors by the sensation of fresh air on their skin.

Spend Time On a Covered Deck

You may encourage your loved one to spend more time outside if their house has a covered patio or porch or a fenced-in rear yard. They may feel safer if they can “get out” of the house without being seen by their neighbors or strangers.

Plant a Garden With Your Senior

Plants that attract butterflies are a delight to see, as are young seedlings, fascinating to observe as they change daily. To appreciate the flowers and reconnect with nature, the elder need just go a short distance from home. An excursion to the local garden shop for new plants or a neighboring botanical garden might be advantageous for this rekindled enthusiasm.

Take Walks With Seniors

Even if you are not around every single day, personal care at home providers can help get a senior outside by taking them on walks. They may encourage a senior to walk independently, or they may stroll with the senior in a wheelchair. Either way, this can be healthy for a senior and added to a home care plan.

Other Tips for you and Personal Care at Home Aides To Help Get Seniors Outside

The fear of falling may be a solid barrier to walking about, so making sure you can safely navigate inside and outside your house is an important consideration. Even if a senior is eager to go out of the home, they may not be willing to put in the time and effort required. This means you need to consider the preparations for a senior. You will want to think about things like:

  • Equipment
  • Length of time
  • Snacks

These three things will be essential to consider, especially if a senior will be outside for much longer. They may need wheelchairs or other forms of scooters to get around, and depending on the length of time they want to be outside, they may want snacks until they can get back home.

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