What Are Some of the Best Exercises for Your Aging Adult to Try?

Getting active and staying active can be difficult for your senior if she’s not sure what she should do. Always start with her doctor, of course, and then from there consider trying a few of these different exercises to see what she enjoys doing.

Senior Care Norwood MA - What Are Some of the Best Exercises for Your Aging Adult to Try?

Senior Care Norwood MA – What Are Some of the Best Exercises for Your Aging Adult to Try?


Assuming that your aging adult is able to walk easily, it’s one of the best forms of exercise for her to engage in when she’s getting back into being active. She can walk with friends, with you, or even with senior care providers. As long as your senior has sturdy shoes that fit her well, walking should be a fairly easy exercise to get started with in her quest for better health. Your elderly family member can also increase her speed, her distance, or change her route to make walking more challenging.

Squats, Toe Touches, and Stretches

Stretching, touching her toes, and doing squats can help your senior to keep her joints and muscles limber while she also works some of her larger muscle groups. Fitness classes that walk her through a combination of these types of exercises can actually be quite fun and can help her to meet new people.

Planks and Push-ups

Planks and push-ups might seem like exercises that focus only on the upper body, but that’s not entirely true. If you’ve ever done either push-ups or planks, you may already know that they rely heavily on using the core muscles in the middle of the body. Your senior might start out with only a few push-ups or a few seconds in plank position, but find she’s able to work her way up as she gains strength.


Swimming is a fantastic way for your aging adult to get her cardio in without putting a lot of stress and strain on her joints. If your senior family member doesn’t know how to swim, now might be a perfect time for her to take some lessons. From there, she can work up to bigger challenges in the water.

Remember to work closely with your aging adult’s doctor to ensure that she’s engaging in the right types and amounts of exercise for her health and abilities. Regular check-ups can help to ensure that she’s right on target.

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