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5 Ways Elderly Care Can Improve Mealtimes

Most people consider mealtimes enjoyable. It’s a time to sit down with your family and catch up on the day’s events. There are also delicious and nutritious foods on the table. However, for older adults, mealtimes aren’t always so joyous. They may struggle to cook meals for themselves or simply not enjoy eating alone. Elderly care can change your aging relative’s mealtime from a solemn, unhappy and unhappy event to one that feeds both their body and heart.

Below are 5 ways elderly care can improve mealtimes for seniors.

Elderly Care Dover MA - 5 Ways Elderly Care Can Improve Mealtimes

Elderly Care Dover MA – 5 Ways Elderly Care Can Improve Mealtimes

#1: Someone to Spend Time With

Many older adults find mealtimes lonely reminders of the people who no longer sit at the table with them. As a result, they may avoid sitting down to a meal and just grab fast things. Or, they may eat only a small amount, resulting in them not getting enough nutrients or calories. An elderly care provider can sit down at the table with your aging relative while they eat and keep them company.

#2: Healthier Eating

Your older family member may not be eating healthy meals because of physical or cognitive limitations. Or, they may not have the necessary skills to cook for themselves. This can lead to eating meals that don’t take much cooking and are convenient, like highly processed frozen meals, takeout, or fast food. An elderly care provider can cook meals for them that use fresh, whole ingredients. They can even prepare meals that conform to special dietary plans.

#3: Invite Friends

When an elderly care provider is available to assist the older adult with making meals and keeping the house clean, they may feel more comfortable inviting friends or family members to visit them for lunch or dinner.

#4: Cook Together

If the senior likes to cook but has difficulty doing it because of illness or disability, an elderly care provider can assist them with cooking. Elderly care providers can do just the parts of cooking that are too hard for the older adult, like opening jars, lifting heavy pans, or chopping vegetables.

#5: Go to Restaurants

Your loved one may enjoy going out to eat at restaurants but be unable to get there because they no longer drive. An elderly care provider can drive them to a restaurant where they can meet with friends or family to have a meal together. By taking your aging relative to restaurants to meet others, it can help them to maintain social connections and prevent loneliness.

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