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Best Places for a Walk this Time of Year

Companion Care at Home Norwood MA-Here are just a few of the many places you and your parent's companion care at home aide can consider for a nice stroll.

Going for a walk is a wonderful way to get out of the home and get some exercise for your senior parent. Even if mobility is an issue, many areas provide good accessibility for walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters. It’s one of those activities that can be thoroughly enjoyed solo or with someone. So, if your parent doesn’t like to walk alone or simply can’t, their companion care at home provider can join them or you can have a friend or family member tag along for some companionship.

The other perk of going for a walk is that it can often be a no-cost activity or if going somewhere special, perhaps a low-cost activity. If you or your elderly parent is on a budget, it’s usually an activity you can fit in that won’t break the bank.

Here are just a few of the many places you and their companion care at home aide can consider for a nice stroll.

Gardens and Parks

Whether it’s a small local garden or a large arboretum, nothing is nicer in the warmer months than to stroll along with the flowers, fountains, and fauna that most gardens provide. This is an area that your parent can really just take his time and enjoy, soaking in not only all of the beautiful colors but the fragrances as well.

Most public parks have sidewalks that either circle them or wind throughout the premises. Have your parent choose a nice cool morning to go explore his local park by walking. Their companion care at home provider can drive him over if it’s a distance from his home and even join him as they meander up and down the pathways. It can be fun to bring a little cash in case there are vendors selling lemonade or ice cream to make the visit even sweeter.

Nature Reserves

While you’ll want to check out the quality of the pathways before you head to a reserve, if your parent loves wildlife, this might be a great area to use for a good walk. Many nature reserves have signs along the paths that provide fascinating facts about the animals and fauna that call that area home. Remind your parent to bring their binoculars because you never know what you might see as you explore the area.


If your parent loves looking at homes and landscaping, it can be kind of fun to drive him over to a neighborhood to walk around and see the different homes and lifestyles. Just make sure you visit a neighborhood that has good sidewalks with ramps at the corners so your parent can safely walk along and cross any needed corners. It can be fun to create made-up stories about the people you think live in the homes you pass by.

Walking provides so many good health benefits – physically, emotionally, and mentally – yet all that’s generally needed is a good pair of shoes. Make it a part of your parent’s day and you’ll see the benefits happen pretty quickly.

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