Symptoms of Diabetes Seniors And Families Should Know

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions among seniors. According to estimates, almost 30% of seniors have diabetes, although some seniors may not have been diagnosed with it yet. Seniors who are obese, seniors who smoke, seniors who are chronically stressed, and seniors who have other risk factors for diabetes, their families, and their senior home care providers should know the symptoms of diabetes.

Most of the symptoms of diabetes in seniors could also be symptoms of other conditions so it can be hard to tell if the symptoms your senior loved one has are due to diabetes. That’s why you need to make sure that your senior loved one gets a checkup to check for diabetes.

You or your loved one’s senior home care aides could check if they have any of these symptoms:

Being Thirsty All The Time or Going To The Bathroom Frequently

Senior Home Care Medfield MA - Symptoms of Diabetes Seniors And Families Should Know

Senior Home Care Medfield MA – Symptoms of Diabetes Seniors And Families Should Know

One of the most common symptoms of diabetes in seniors is being thirsty all the time. However, studies show that nearly 50% of seniors are chronically dehydrated so seniors that are thirsty all the time may just be dehydrated. Seniors can also be excessively thirsty because of dry mouth and other conditions associated with some of the medications that they take.

If your senior loved one is constantly drinking but is still thirsty then you should get them to the doctor for an exam. When you can’t be with your senior loved one senior home care providers can be a big help in tracking any potential diabetes symptoms. A senior home care agency can help your senior loved one by making sure they are drinking water throughout the day.

It makes sense that if your senior parent is drinking water all the time they would have to use the bathroom frequently right? But if your senior loved one is excessively having to use the bathroom they could have a UTI or they could be diabetic. Start keeping track of how often your senior loved one needs to use the bathroom to assess whether or not it’s an excessive amount.

Bruises That Are Slow To Heal

If you notice that your senior loved one doesn’t seem to be healing quickly after they get a cut or a bruise that could be a sign of diabetes. Seniors often have bruises that look very bad because their skin gets thinner as they get older. Keep an eye on any bruises that you see so you can track how well and how fast they are healing. You might want to take a daily picture of the bruise to see if it’s healing as quickly as it should.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision could indicate a lot of different problems in seniors. But if your senior loved one has blurry vision and also has other symptoms of diabetes then you should take them in for a checkup. The doctor may need to do several rounds of tests but in the end, it will be worth it to know if your senior parent has diabetes or another medical condition.


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