What Seniors Need To Know About Romance Scams

Scammers that target seniors aren’t new, but they are changing how they attempt to scam seniors. These days most scams are taking place online. And one of the most successful online scams targeting seniors is a romance scam or a sweetheart scam. Hire companion care at home providers to be with your senior when you are not available,

Companion Care at Home Sharon MA - What Seniors Need To Know About Romance Scams

Companion Care at Home Sharon MA – What Seniors Need To Know About Romance Scams

Scammers who can hide behind fake profiles on Facebook, dating sites, and social media will approach seniors pretending to be other seniors offering relationships and companionship. Those messages often draw in seniors who are widowed or lonely. They are looking for friendship and love and think they have found it online only to lose millions of dollars. On average scammers use romance scams to con seniors out of more than $100 million annually.

If your senior parent is widowed or single and lonely and you’re worried that they might fall victim to a romance scam some of the things you can do to prevent that are:

Companion Care at Home

If you live far away from your senior parent and you’re worried they could be the victim of a scam companion care at home is a good idea. With companion care at home someone that you and your senior loved one trust will be there with your senior parent on a regular basis to make sure that they aren’t doing anything unusual like sending big sums of money to strangers.

Talk To Your Senior Parent About Scams

You should be honest with your senior parent about the possibility that they will be targeted by a scammer. Go over the signs of a fake or scam account on social media and dating sites so that hopefully your senior loved one will see fake profiles immediately and not be fooled. You may also want to make a cheat sheet listing all the signs of a fake profile and put it next to your senior loved one’s computer so they will see it when they are online.

Get Yourself Added To Their Bank Accounts

No matter how much you try to help them recognize fake accounts and scammers there’s always the chance that your senior parent won’t want to see a fake for what they are. Getting yourself added as a co-signor to your senior parent’s bank accounts and credit cards will help you protect them by making it harder for them to send money to overseas scammers posing as romantic prospects. You can also get information on their account that you won’t have access to unless you are named on the account.

Watch Their Social Media

Typically if your senior loved one is in an online romantic relationship with someone you’ll know about it and you will be able to see that person’s profile. Watch your senior loved one’s social media to see who their romantic scammer is. Once you have some of their information you may be able to track them down and prove to your senior parent that the account is a fake before your senior loved one loses a lot of money that they can’t afford to lose.

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