Loneliness in the Elderly – What Should You Know?

Humans are meant to be social creatures. Connection, community, conversation, and laughter with one another are all important. When people are younger, they often take the time to hang out with family members and friends. However, as they age, this becomes less of a priority. It may seem like many things are getting in the way. Hiring companion care at home providers may help remedy the situation by knowing some of the causes.

Health Issues and Loneliness

Companion Care at Home Needham MA - Loneliness in the Elderly - What Should You Know?

Companion Care at Home Needham MA – Loneliness in the Elderly – What Should You Know?

One of the things that leads senior citizens to a life of loneliness is health issues. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic caused everyone to isolate from their loved ones, friends, and the public in general. There are still many senior citizens who won’t go around a lot of people as they fear getting COVID. If your elderly loved one has or is fearful of getting health issues and that is why they are lonely, there are still ways they can communicate with you and other people they care about. One of the best options is through video calls.

Mental Health Issues Causing Loneliness

Another reason why many elderly people will get lonely is due to mental health issues. They may struggle with depression, stress, anxiety, or other mental health concern. The reason why so many people isolate themselves from their loved ones when they have mental health issues is that they are scared of what others are going to think. Another reason for this type of isolation is that they are embarrassed about the state of their mental health. The problem is the more that people with mental health issues isolate themselves, the more lonely they are going to become. If this is what your elderly loved one is dealing with, please make it clear to them that you and their home care providers understand. If needed, you can even get them companion care at home services, so they have an outside person to talk with.

Death of a Spouse or Loved One

Your elderly loved one may start to isolate from others or feel really lonely when their spouse or another family member passes away. Sometimes, it may be because your elderly loved one’s friend passed away, too. The death of a spouse, loved one, or friend is never easy. It can take a huge toll on a person, especially the elderly. If your elderly loved one is dealing with the death of someone they loved or cared about, be sure to offer empathy, sympathy, and your best regards. Give them time to grieve. Get them companion care at home services just so they have someone around.

Hire Companion Care at Home

Loneliness in the elderly is caused by a range of different things. The issues above are 3 of the common reasons senior citizens become lonely. If your elderly loved one is lonely, find out why. Once you do that, it will be much easier to find a solution to their problem. Hopefully, by you and companion care at home providers spending more time with your elderly loved one, that will be enough to help them feel less lonely.

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