What To Do When It’s Too Warm For Outdoor Exercise

What is the most effective technique to encourage your senior loved one to exercise? This is a question you may begin to ask yourself after you decide to assist your parent daily. Even if you aren’t there every day, you will think about it if your parent decides to age in place since you want them to remain healthy and mobile. It may be necessary for you or home care assistance professionals to assist a senior in moving about and exercising even when it is hot outside. All carers, whether paid or familial, will be curious about this. Long-term immobility may lead to various issues, ranging from trouble communicating to mood changes to illness and discomfort.

Home Care Assistance Westwood MA - What To Do When It's Too Warm For Outdoor Exercise

Home Care Assistance Westwood MA – What To Do When It’s Too Warm For Outdoor Exercise

This summer already has unprecedented temperatures throughout the country. Nonetheless, we are still weeks away from the end of this hot and humid season. The dense, hot air makes it difficult for anybody to maintain an active lifestyle. This is particularly true for the elderly. Extreme temperatures might pose a danger to anyone over the age of 65. Heatstroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburn, and heat rash are just a few consequences of being exposed to high heat indices.

The heat threatens seniors who wish to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the summer, but it may also make even the most active and disciplined senior feel draggy and sluggish. As we enter the first weeks of summer, a few pointers help seniors maintain an active lifestyle even when it’s too hot outside. It is not always simple to convince your mother or father to move about, and they may resist, mainly if it is too hot outside.

If you and home care assistance providers have been searching for methods to get your senior to exercise more, these suggestions may be useful.

Avoid Going Out Midday

The first tip for staying active in the summer heat is to plan your workouts or fun things to do during the coolest part of the day. This usually happens between 3 and 4:30 pm or early in the morning, but on days when it’s sweltering, the heat can last well into the evening. The sun is another thing to think about. Between 10 am and 4 pm, its rays are at their strongest.

Remember to Hydrate ALL Day Long

Another tip for staying active on hot days is to drink plenty of water. This is very important when there are heat waves. Older adults feel the summer heat more because their bodies aren’t as good at regulating temperature as they get older. Younger adults sweat more than older people. Their bodies also store fat in different ways, making it harder for them to control heat. No matter how active you are, drink water at meals and throughout the day to avoid getting dehydrated. If you’re going outside, bring water with you. Drink before, during, and after whatever you’re doing. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so drink up.

Dress for the Weather

If you notice your mom or dad hasn’t been dressing for warm or super cold weather, this is a sign that they need home care assistance providers to help them. These professionals will help ensure your senior is dressing appropriately, which may also help them stay active during the hot season.

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