Easy Gardening for Seniors

Encouraging your seniors to get outside during the spring and summer seasons is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and mobile. Gardening can be done by almost anyone and now there are tons of tools to do it that will not cause the body any damage. There are raised garden beds, gardening stools, and more gadgets that can help your elderly loved one garden easier. This is something that elder care providers can help a senior do and make gardening part of their daily routine.

Elder Care Walpole MA - Easy Gardening for Seniors

Elder Care Walpole MA – Easy Gardening for Seniors

If that is still something they cannot do, try doing a small deck garden in pots with just a few vegetables or flowers. All seniors should be getting outside because it is not only mentally healthy but it is also physically healthy too. Elder care providers are professionals who can help keep a senior active and motivated but many seniors wish to do things on their own too. One of those things can be gardening.

Whether they are preparing for the outdoor gardening season or utilizing an indoor garden to combat the winter blues, gardening provides seniors with several health advantages. If you have a parent or loved one who enjoys working in the soil, whether in their backyard or on a windowsill, gardening is a terrific way for them to stay active, reduce stress, and even improve their attention!

There Are Physical Health Benefits of Gardening

Consider all the kneeling, standing, lifting, raking, and weed-pulling that occurs during a regular session of garden maintenance. These exercises stimulate the heart without putting unnecessary strain on joints and bones.

Pruning, using scissors, and other tiny hand motions are also excellent for preserving dexterity and hand strength in the fingers and hands. Mild gardening tasks that use the joints are excellent for strengthening tiny muscles, which may be good for persons with arthritis.

Additionally, gardening is a terrific way for seniors to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. They will get the nutritional benefits of all the vitamins and minerals that we all need to flourish as a result of their hard work.

There Are Mental Benefits of Gardening

The advantages of gardening are not limited to the physical realm. From the standpoint of mental health, gardening has been found to reduce anxiety and boost happiness. Gardening for as little as 30 minutes each day may considerably reduce cortisol levels, a stress hormone that raises the risk of depression, weight gain, and other conditions.

Spending only two hours per week engaging in nature-based activities has been shown to boost older citizens’ focus and decrease their mistake rate. Being outside has been demonstrated to assist in postoperative healing and decrease anxiety and sadness.

Choosing Between Outdoor and Indoor Gardening with Elder Care Assistance

You don’t have to choose between outdoor and indoor gardening. Your senior may want to do both. Indoor gardens may be easier for seniors who struggle with memory issues but allowing them to get outside on the deck may also help them. A senior can also easily avoid back pain by choosing a standing or raised garden bed and finding the right stools to help the garden throughout the day. Be sure to get your senior out and about before the sun is at its highest point.

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