Losing Weight Can Lower The Risk Of Stroke For Seniors

It’s May, which is National Stroke Awareness Month. That means now is the perfect time for seniors and their families to start thinking about ways that seniors can lower the risk that they will end up having a stroke. One of the best things that seniors can do to decrease their chances of having a stroke is to lose weight if they are overweight or obese. Even losing a small amount of weight can dramatically lower the chances of having a stroke. Many seniors who are overweight struggle to lose weight though. If your senior loved one is overweight they should talk to their doctor about ways that they can try to lose weight and how senior home care providers can oversee the doctor’s recommendations.

They can also try these things to start losing weight:

Walk Daily with a Senior Home Care Aide

Senior Home Care Newton MA - Losing Weight Can Lower The Risk Of Stroke For Seniors

Senior Home Care Newton MA – Losing Weight Can Lower The Risk Of Stroke For Seniors

One of the reasons why so many seniors struggle to lose weight is that it’s difficult for them to exercise. Some seniors can’t exercise because of medical conditions. Others may not be able to get to exercise classes or groups where they get the motivation and support they need from other seniors. But whatever the reason is most seniors don’t exercise enough. Walking is a very simple exercise and almost any senior can do it. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective at lowering the chances of having a stroke. A brisk walk around the block every day with a senior home care provider can make a big impact on a senior’s weight.

Get More Sleep

Sleeping more can help seniors lose weight. When the body doesn’t get enough sleep and the brain doesn’t get the chance to reset during the body’s deep sleep cycles it gains actually causes seniors to gain weight. Seniors should be sleeping at least nine hours each night and can sleep as many as 10-12 hours at night. If your senior parent is having trouble sleeping senior home care can help. Having someone with your senior loved one throughout the night can ease anxiety and make it easier for them to sleep.

Eat Regularly

Another factor that can contribute to seniors gaining weight or having trouble losing weight is not eating regularly. It may sound counterintuitive but not eating can actually make seniors gain weight. That’s because the body will hang onto fat instead of getting rid of it when the body isn’t getting enough calories. It thinks it’s being starved so it will slow down metabolism and store fat. Senior home care can also help make sure that your senior loved one is eating three nutritious meals every day.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydrated seniors, which is most seniors, can also struggle to lose weight. For the body to work properly, it needs water. If your senior loved one isn’t drinking enough water throughout the day they may find that they have a hard time losing weight. Seniors should be drinking some water at least once every hour during the day to stay properly hydrated. If your senior loved one isn’t drinking enough water that could contribute to their health problems and raise their chances of having a stroke.

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