Causes Why Seniors Fall

Do you know your senior’s fall risks? If you can keep up with all of the various reasons that your aging family member might fall, that gives you a chance to put countermeasures in place. People who fall once are twice as likely to fall again, so if you can prevent that first fall for your elderly family member, that can give her a better chance of staying safe. Having home care assistance services is helpful for when your senior gets into this situation.

Home Care Assistance Providers can Observe the Possibility of these Issues:

Health Issues

Home Care Assistance Dover MA - Causes Why Seniors Fall

Home Care Assistance Dover MA – Causes Why Seniors Fall

Health issues, particularly chronic health issues, are a major cause of falls in elderly people. Health issues affecting circulation, breathing, and blood sugar are among the biggest causes of falling, but any health issue can be distracting for your senior. If that’s the case, she must pay close attention to everything that she does. Having help from home care assistance providers can make a big difference.

Medication Side Effects

Often health issues bring with them medications that help to treat what’s not going well. The downside, unfortunately, is that those medications have side effects that can lead to a fall. Dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, and more can all be a factor in experiencing a fall. It’s vital to understand the possible side effects of your senior’s medications so that she can be aware.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Whether your senior simply isn’t eating healthy foods or she’s barely eating at all, food can be a possible factor in falling. Very often seniors find that it’s difficult to keep up with healthy eating. Home care assistance can take care of meal preparation for your elderly family member, ensuring that she’s getting enough calories each day and that those calories are full of nutrients.

Vision Problems

When your senior can’t see well, that means that it’s a lot more difficult for her to be safely mobile. Whether the visual impairment she’s experiencing is continual or something that comes and goes, your elderly family member needs to address her vision issues as well as she can. Regular eye appointments can help.

Lack of Mobility

Being less mobile than she has been can have some serious consequences for your senior. It can result in muscle loss, as well as difficulty with balance and flexibility. If your elderly family member is showing signs of difficulty with her mobility, it’s important to talk with her doctor about what your senior can do to counter that issue.

Environmental Issues That Home Care Assistance Aides May Notice

Your senior’s environment also plays a role in keeping her from falling. Staying safe at home might be more difficult now, especially if your elderly family member is battling many of these other risk factors. Home care assistance can help to ensure that your elderly family member’s home is as clean, tidy, and comfortable as possible for her.

Evaluating your elderly family member’s fall risk is something that her doctor can help you to do. Assessing changes that need to be made is an ongoing project for you as your senior’s family caregiver, but when you keep up with what’s going on, you’ll be better able to help her to stay safe.

Excerpt: Understanding what can cause a fall for your senior might help her to avoid a fall.

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