Are Electrical Cords Posing a Hazard for Your Aging Adult?

Electrical cords can pose a safety hazard for your elderly family member as well as a tripping hazard. Learning to manage cords so that they’re less of a hazard is an important part of any safety plan you put together.

Home Care Services Wellesley MA - Are Electrical Cords Posing a Hazard for Your Aging Adult?

Home Care Services Wellesley MA – Are Electrical Cords Posing a Hazard for Your Aging Adult?

Make Sure Cords Aren’t Crossing Pathways

Electrical cords that crisscross in hallways or other pathways present a huge tripping hazard for your senior and anyone else in the house. Rearrange furniture if necessary to place lamps and other electrical items closer to the outlets they require. Keep cords against the wall as much as possible, but be careful about how you secure them.

Keep Cords Out from Under Furniture

Running cords under furniture is one way that you might try to keep the cords from impeding pathways, but this can bring its own set of problems. Once the cords are under the furniture, it’s not easy to check them periodically for issues. If furniture legs rest on the cords by accident, that can fray or damage the cords, which can lead to electrical problems.

Check for Damage to Cords

Cords that are damaged need to be replaced, if possible. Look for cracks or holes in the casing of the cord. Avoid using staples or nails to attach cords to walls or flooring because they can create serious damage to cords. When you’re looking for damage, make sure that you check both ends of the cord as well because the ends can wear.

Make Sure Cords Aren’t Overloaded

Plugging too many cords into an extension cord or an outlet can very easily overload the cord or the outlet. Check to make sure that extension cords and outlets only have as many appliances plugged into them as they are able to handle. If you’re not certain, err on the side of caution and unplug a few items.

Consider Working with an Electrician

Few people are experts at dealing with electrical items, so it’s a good idea to bring in an electrician for anything you’re not sure about. The electrician may have ideas about ways to help place cords and outlets in a way that works best for your senior while also being as safe as possible.

If you and your senior aren’t seeing eye to eye about electrical cords, it might help to have home care services providers stopping by to help out. A home care services professional can help you to stay on top of situations around electrical cords and correct anything that gets back to a hazardous level.

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