Care Resolutions Inc. COVID-19 Update

Last week’s Newsletter to aides was all about COVID-19 and precautions.

Effective this morning, we are no longer accepting visitors to our offices nor new applicants.

All conferences and educational seminars are cancelled for all office staff and aides.

All home visits will remain on hold until further notice excepting new client first time home visits.

Home Care Services Wellesley MA - Care Resolutions Inc. COVID -19 Update

Home Care Services Wellesley MA – Care Resolutions Inc. COVID -19 Update

From our handbook:

VACATION and OTHER TIME OFF (sick/medical)

Vacations should be scheduled three months in advance with notification and vacation request form submitted in writing to the Corporate Office/case manager.

All employees should remember that leave or vacations can be arranged with Care Resolutions Office and it will be an unpaid leave/vacation. Failure to observe the vacation or day off notification requirements could result in termination of contract, loss of job.

If vacation time taken with notification that results in more than two (2) weeks off – there will be no guarantee that your job will be held until your return.

If vacation time is longer than one shift missed at client’s: you must provide a doctor’s note on a care Resolutions form or on a Doctor’s form that you are in good health and can return to work, showing no signs of infectious illness.

If any employee takes more than (2) consecutive days off in a week and/or (2) days off in any given work week for sick/medical reasons: a doctor’s note is required to retain your employment. Sick time accrual becomes inactive and returns to 0 if you are off of payroll for 6 months or more.

Additionally, while we always have required the medical notes, we have “stepped up” that procedure and are asking a few more questions of those aides who call in sick.

A mass email is being sent to all aides informing them of the new “no visitors” policy, reminding of the need to call out if feeling ill and the doctor’s note requirement.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services in Wellesley MA, or anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts, please call the caring staff at CARE Resolutions – (508) 906-5572.

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