Long-Term Plan Decisions Shouldn’t Get Overlooked

Your parents are happy and healthy. That’s what everyone wants. It’s also what makes it easy to overlook future decisions. While they’re aging at home well right now, there are no guarantees. Something could happen that changes things.

In-Home Care Newton MA - Long-Term Plan Decisions Shouldn't Get Overlooked
In-Home Care Newton MA – Long-Term Plan Decisions Shouldn’t Get Overlooked

It’s best to consider long-term plans for aging at home. They may always be independent, but it’s best to know what they want if something happens. Talk about their long-term goals and create care plans that fit those goals.

Consider the “What Ifs” and Home Care

No one likes to think about the “what ifs,” but they’re important when it comes to aging at home. You have no idea how your parents’ health will be 10 years from now. Even if their health is great, your mom could slip on ice and break her leg or your dad could get the flu and need help for a few weeks.

Home care can be a long-term care solution or a temporary solution. It’s easy to adapt the services to meet your parents’ needs. Your mom could have help with laundry, housework, and transportation until her leg heals. Your dad could have someone around to make sure he eats and drinks between naps until he feels better.

Chronic Health Conditions Are a Concern

After the age of 65, your parents may end up with at least one chronic health condition. Arthritis is the most common. It’s not the worst health issue to be diagnosed with, but the joint pain can make it harder to complete some daily activities.

If arthritis pain makes it hard for your parents to go up and down the stairs to the garage to get something from the chest freezer, caregivers can help. If your mom can’t get to the laundry room, a caregiver can do the laundry for her.

There are other chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia that may appear and require an increasing level of help. If you’re limited on time and can’t be with your parents every day, a home care agency can make sure they always have caregivers available.

Your Situation May Change

You may be willing to step in as a family caregiver and can’t see the value in professional caregivers. Your situation may change. Your doctor may find you have a cancerous growth. You might be in a car accident. It’s hard to predict things of this nature.

Your employer may decide to close down and open in a state where taxes and utility bills are more affordable. If you have to move with your job, you’re not around to help your parents so home care becomes essential.

If the need for home care arises, it’s easier to make arrangements when you know what services are available. That’s a good place to start your research. Call a home care specialist and ask what services are available in your parents’ town. Learn about pricing and create a care plan that meets their needs.

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