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Answers to Common Questions About Senior Care

How do you know when senior care is right for your parents? Is there a certain way to know for sure or is it hit or miss? Read these answers to common questions about senior care to learn more about what it is, what it helps your parents do, and how to tell when it’s time.

What Services Are Available?

Senior Care Sharon MA - Answers to Common Questions About Senior Care
Senior Care Sharon MA – Answers to Common Questions About Senior Care

The exact list of services varies from one home care agency to the next. Standard options include help with house cleaning, laundry, and organization. Meal preparation, companionship, and medications are also typical at any agency. Help with toileting, ambulation, personal care, grooming, and dressing are other options. Many also offer transportation services, which is helpful if your parents no longer drive.

Are There Things Senior Care Aides Cannot Do?

There are things that people don’t realize senior care aides cannot do. Medically-necessitated assistance for IVs, feeding tubes, catheter care, and therapeutic services are part of home health care, not senior care.

What Are the Signs That Senior Care is Needed?

How do you know if senior care is needed? If your parents are unable to drive, they need someone who can run errands, drive your parents to stores, and take them to and from medical offices. If you can’t do it, you need to look into transportation services with caregivers.

If your parents cannot do the housework, cook their meals, and keep up with weekly laundry, senior care is needed. Other key signs are forgetting to take daily medications, forgetting to pay bills, or having a hard time getting dressed.

What Happens if the Caregiver is Having Car Issues or is Sick?

A lot of people wonder what happens if the caregiver can’t start a car or wakes up feeling sick. When that happens, a home care agency has policies in place to help. Most have back-up caregivers who are immediately dispatched.

It can take time to go through a call list to find who is free. While that happens, a supervisor or assistant supervisor may go to your parents’ house and help out until another caregiver is free.

How Fast Can Senior Care Services be Arranged?

Sometimes, there’s little notice. If your mom has a stroke, you don’t have months to research and arrange senior care services. It leaves you to wonder how quickly you can arrange services.

This depends on the region. In some cities and towns, there is more need than there are available caregivers, which can impact how quickly services are arranged. All senior care agencies work with families to provide services as fast as possible.

Once you have a list of the daily activities your parents need help completing, call a senior care agency. You’ll learn more about pricing, services, and the best schedules during this conversation with a specialist.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Senior Care Services in Sharon MA, or anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts, please call the caring staff at CARE Resolutions – (508) 906-5572.