What Do You Do If Your Mom Becomes Fearful After a Fall?

In one minute, an average of 60 older adults fall. It’s estimated that one-quarter of all older adults fall each year. Women are more likely to fall than men. If a woman falls, there is a high risk of the fall leading to a hip fracture.

In-Home Care Medfield MA - What Do You Do If Your Mom Becomes Fearful After a Fall?
In-Home Care Medfield MA – What Do You Do If Your Mom Becomes Fearful After a Fall?

If your mom has fallen, she’s going to be more fearful in certain situations. If she slipped and fell while stepping out of her tub/shower combo, she’s likely going to be fearful of taking showers. If she fell on icy stairs, she may not want to go outside when it’s snowed or rained on cold days. Help her move past the fear by making sure she’s not alone in those situations.

Talk to Others in the Family and Be Available When She Needs You

Your mom will feel more confident if someone is with her during the times when she’s most likely to fall. If she feels dizzy after taking her blood pressure medication each morning, stick around for a couple of hours after she takes that pill. If you’re not free, someone else in the family can take that day to help out.

Ask Her Doctor for Advice

Ask your mom’s doctor for advice on managing the common side effects. It’s possible that your mom could be switched to a different medication with fewer side effects. It’s also possible that she could take the medications at night before going to bed instead of first thing in the morning. She’ll be asleep when the pills make her dizzy.

Sign Her Up for Fitness Classes

Sign your mom up for classes that will help her improve her balance. Muscle strengthening exercises can help her build muscle and some will relieve stress, too. Beginner’s Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates are exercise programs she can consider.

Hire In-Home Care Aides to Spend Time With Her

In-home care can help your mom with daily activities of living. Start by having an in-home care specialist come in and walk through her home to check for safety issues that increase the risk of a fall. Make improvements and have caregivers stopping by regularly to help your mom do things that are more likely to lead to a fall.

Your mom could have an in-home care aide on hand to carry laundry baskets up and down the stairs. She can have caregivers there for peace of mind as she gets in and out of a bath or shower. Caregivers can also be there to help her get out of bed, drive her to medical offices and stores, and join her on walks. Schedule in-home care services by making a call.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/injury/features/older-adult-falls/index.html

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