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Common Hearing Aid Problems and How to Fix Them

When an older adult uses a hearing aid, it can sometimes be difficult for them to adjust to the hearing aid or take care of it properly. There are lots of common hearing aid problems that can be solved right at home. However, taking the necessary steps may be difficult for older adults who have poor vision or whose fingers aren’t as nimble as they once were.

Home Care Sharon MA - Common Hearing Aid Problems and How to Fix Them
Home Care Sharon MA – Common Hearing Aid Problems and How to Fix Them

Knowing some of the common problems that can occur with hearing aids and what to do about them can help you to assist your aging relative, so they can continue to enjoy better hearing.

Dead Batteries

Depending on the hearing aid and the battery used, a hearing aid battery usually lasts anywhere from 4 days to a couple of weeks. Having the battery die when the senior is away from home can be a problem as it leaves them unable to hear well until they can get a new battery. One way to deal with the frustration of dead batteries is to always carry spares. Hearing aid batteries are very small, so they won’t take up much room in a senior’s purse, wallet, or pocket.

New Sounds are Hard to Adjust To

If your aging relative hasn’t heard clearly for some time, they may find it hard to adapt to all the “new” sounds they are able to hear with a hearing aid. The sounds may be distracting or even disturbing. Talk to the senior’s audiologist about aural rehabilitation, which can help them to adjust by training the brain to deal with hearing a wide range of sounds again.

Worries About Moisture

Some seniors worry that their hearing aids will be damaged by sweat or rain, or that they might fall out because of the moisture. The truth is that hearing aids are tougher than they appear. Sweat and light rain aren’t likely to harm them. However, it’s still best to take hearing aids out when showering or swimming.

Muffled Sound

With time, your older family member might begin to complain that sound is muffled or not as clear as it used to be. This can happen because of earwax buildup. To prevent excess was on the hearing aid, wipe them with a soft cloth.

Home care providers can assist your aging relative with taking care of their hearing aids. Because the batteries are so small, it can be hard for an older adult to change them. A home care provider can help with changing batteries as well as reminding them to carry spares when they leave the house. Home care providers can also help with cleaning hearing aids to ensure they don’t build up too much wax or dirt.



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