6 Things for Seniors to Do Outside

After a long winter of cold, snowy, rainy weather, many of us are ready to get outside and spend some time in the sunshine and fresh air. Your aging relative probably feels the same way, and that’s a good thing! Sunshine and fresh air have some wonderful health benefits.

Senior Care Cambridge MA - 6 Things for Seniors to Do Outside

Senior Care Cambridge MA – 6 Things for Seniors to Do Outside

The sun’s rays deliver vitamin D to the body, which is important for bone health. Fresh air helps clear the lungs and energizes the body. Spending time outdoors can also help seniors to sleep better and reduce stress. But, for many older adults, just sitting in a chair outside isn’t much fun. If you’re looking for outdoor activities that are suitable for seniors, here are six ideas.

#1 Gardening

Growing flowers or vegetables is a rewarding activity since older adults can actually see the results of their work. Gardening is also a good form of exercise. If your aging relative has some difficulty with bending and squatting, there are many gardening tools designed to make the job easier. A senior care provider can also help the older adult with gardening tasks that are difficult, like carrying the heavy watering can or hose.

#2 Fishing

Fishing can be an excellent way to reduce stress while spending time outdoors. It can also be great arm exercise since it requires casting and reeling in a feisty fish now and then. It’s also an activity that grandparents and grandchildren can do together.

#3 Metal Detecting

Many people enjoy going to a field or the beach with a metal detector to see what treasures they can find. Even if a metal detector is a bit heavy for your aging relative, they might still enjoy the thrill of the hunt. A senior care provider can carry the detector for them.

#4 Lawn Games

There are lots of games older adults can play right in their own yards, such as:

  • Croquet.
  • Horseshoes.
  • Badminton.
  • Lawn darts.
  • Ladder toss.
  • Cornhole.

All of these are great intergenerational activities and can also be enjoyed with a senior care provider.

#5 Lunch al Fresco

Just having a meal at a table on the deck or patio can be a nice change of pace. Plan a simple lunch that is easy to carry outside and clean up afterward. A senior care provider can prepare the lunch and sit outside with the older adult while they enjoy it.

#6 Garden Party

Throw a garden party for the senior and their friends. Make it a festive occasion with a few decorations, like vases of flowers on the tables. Serve warm-weather favorites, like lemonade and fruit salads. A senior care provider can assist the senior to invite their friends and plan and prepare foods.

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