What Can Home Care Do During Social Distancing?

The government has recommended that all people practice social distancing as a means of slowing and eventually stopping the spread of COVID-19. Because older adults are at higher risk for serious complications from COVID-19, it’s even more important for them to stay at home as much as possible.

Home Care Dover MA - What Can Home Care Do During Social Distancing?

Home Care Dover MA – What Can Home Care Do During Social Distancing?

Fortunately, home care providers will remain available throughout the course of the pandemic. That means that a home care provider can check in on your aging relative and make sure they have all the help they need.

Below are some of the ways home care can help during social distancing.

Light Housekeeping

If you normally stop in to clean the older adult’s house from time to time, you may be wondering how they will manage without you. Home care offers light housekeeping services, such as vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping. This means that your loved one can continue to live in a clean and sanitary home that they can be comfortable and happy in.

Grocery Shopping

Older adults may have difficulty getting out to grocery shop or may have been advised to stay out of grocery stores altogether. When this is the case, a home care provider can assist with grocery shopping. Many stores have call ahead or online ordering services available. Family caregivers or the senior can place an order with the store and arrange the payment. Then, a home care provider can go to the store to pick up the order. This not only eliminates the need for the older adult to go outside, it also means they do not have to carry heavy grocery bags. The home care provider can bring the groceries in and even put them away.

Transportation to Doctor Appointments

Even during a pandemic, older adults need to get to the doctor to monitor and manage existing conditions. In fact, it may be more important now than ever. Unfortunately, this is another thing that family caregivers may be unable to do during this difficult time. That doesn’t mean that your aging relative has to miss appointments and neglect their health. Home care can offer transportation to medical appointments. In fact, they can be scheduled to come to the home early to help the older adult get showered and dressed before the appointment, too.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services in Dover MA, or anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts, please call the caring staff at CARE Resolutions – (508) 906-5572.

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